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Autoimmune Polyendocrinopathy-Candidiasis-Ectoderm

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Australia ( Australasia )

Dec 1963  female
Family type: not given
Siblings: 0
Disabled siblings: 0
Username: BlackestRose
Relationship: Female - Same Person
Last updated: 07 Jun 2007
Brief summary: 43 Yr White British Female with APECED at birth signs of severe candidiasis, add reocurring Corneal ulceration commencing 2yrs old and Addison's came at the age of 8 yrs. Kind of relieved to know I am not alone but sad that there are others.

Buckinghamshire ( England )

Apr 1975  female
Family type: not given
Siblings: 2
Disabled siblings: 0
Username: cat1234
Relationship: Female Affected Adult
Last updated: 10 Jan 2006
Brief summary: I am 30years old and live in England and have APECED. I have many components od the syndrome and have quite alot of information since conducting my research when I first discovered I had APECED.

Ireland (Republic of) ( Rest of Europe )

Mar 1991  male
Family type: single parent family
Siblings: 0
Disabled siblings: 0
Username: fluff pudd
Relationship: Mother
Other conditions: None

Last updated: 05 Feb 2015
Brief summary: my son has apeced

United States of America ( Americas )

Aug 2000  male
Family type: two parent family
Siblings: 2
Disabled siblings: 2
Username: USpatient
Relationship: Female Friend
Other conditions:
APECED syndrome (8)

Last updated: 01 Feb 2006
Brief summary: 5 year old male diagnosed with APECED. Symptoms displayed are Juvenile Rheumotoid Arthritis, lack of dental enamel, eye problems, adrenal insufficiency, chronic pancreatitis, liver failure, candidiasis, recurrent pneumonia, asthma, photophobia.

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